Civil Guard Headquarters Tarragona

Regional headquarters for the Civil Guard in Tarragona

The project develops two representative buildings located at east and west ends of the plot, creating a courtyard between them used for official ceremonies. Official premises are located in the building to the east of the plot facing the main avenue which connects to the centre city. This building is developed with two volumes addressing the requirements of the program; a two storey building with large spans for workshops at grade level and auditorium, and cafeteria on the upper level, and a four storey building for the administrative areas. Between the two volumes, a double height hall provides public access from the courtyard.

The residential block is located at the west end of the plot facing the park along the river. The two lower floors contain a residence with individual dormitory type rooms and the upper four floors have 8 apartments each for permanent staff residents.

Vehicular access is through the common courtyard to an interior street which provides access to workshops and a ramp to the basement levels. Two basement levels connect the buildings with below grade parking and other services.

Client: Ministry of the Interior
Project: 2004-2005
Construction Date: 2007-2009
Surface Area: 15,842 sqm
Office Block: 4,643 sqm
Residential Block: 4,793 sqm
Parking and Services: 6,406 sqm
Construction Value: 12.47M€
Scope: CD/SD/DD/CS
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision