New Terminal Sharm el Sheikh Airport

New Terminal Building for Sharm-El-Sheik International Airport – Egypt

The airport development is designed to meet the growing demands of tourist traffic to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The new terminal building is oriented towards a new airfield to the north of the existing airport. The project consolidates a landside development between runways with new and existing terminals.

Clear passenger flows is the guiding factor for the layout of the terminal. Passengers pass through clearly defined processing areas in a linear sequence crossing through parallel ‘floor trays’ containing each area. A large overhanging roof folds like an origami over the departures area offering shade for the building facades and skylight openings oriented to the north to allow for natural lighting throughout the building. Light canyons between ‘floor trays’ allow natural lighting even in the lower arrivals level.

Client: EAC (Egyptian Airport Company)
Project Year: 2010-2011
Surface Area: 206,413 sqm
Construction Value: 420M USD
Capacity: 10M pax.
Scope: CD/SD/DD
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision