Sidi Abdellah University Algeria

Proposal for the University City in Sidi Abdellah, Algeria

The proposal was developed in response to a competition for ideas for a university town at Sidi Abdellah, close to Algiers. The program for the tender included a first stage for the design of five faculty buildings and campus for 20,000 students and a second phase for the design of a dormitory complex with a capacity of 11,000 rooms and services such as a library building, auditorium, cafeteria, and retail buildings.

The total built area for the program was 230,000 sqm on a plot of 1 million sqm. The general plan for the city of Sidi Abdellah envisages a system of green areas with a central park and corridors that connect the whole city. The same system id adapted for the plan of the university, using green areas to tie the university into the city plan creating meeting places and connections between the complex, new residential areas and the existing village.

Client : Algerian Ministry of Education
Project Year: 2007
Scope: CD
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision