Single Family House La Moraleja Madrid

3 Luxury single family houses in La Moraleja, Madrid

Three individual family houses are grouped together on a single plot in “La Moraleja” a high standing residential neighbourhood in the north side of Madrid. A widowed mother and the families of two of her daughters decided to develop their homes together on a heavily wooded 10,000 square meter plot.

The mothers home is developed in the centre along with some shared common spaces such as basement level parking garage, mechanical and electrical services. Buildings are treated as clean volumes developed in white stone which float above the topography of the natural landscape. Each house is perceived individually and as part of a harmonic whole.

Client: Riofisa
Project Year: 2009
Construction Date: 2010-2011
Surface Area: 3120 sqm
Scope: DD/CS
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision