Social Housing Vallecas Madrid

Residential development for 110 social housing units in Vallecas, Madrid

This project is part of a social program of La Caixa Bank to produce affordable rent properties for young people for start-up new homes. Requirements included a building that would be easy to maintained, adding up to the low-budget character of the apartments.

110 one bedroom apartments complete the program in the five floors above ground level. Ground floor is developed with and expressive structure that cantilevers apartments above and open community space. Exposed brick is used as an external finishing material for its low maintenance qualities and clean lineal expression.

Client: La Caixa
Project Year : 2006
Construction Date: 2007-2008
Surface Area: 10,796 sqm
Construction Value: 7.84M€
Scope: CD/SD/DD/CS
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision