ATC Tower Madrid Barajas Airport


ATC Tower at the Madrid-Barajas Airport

The contract for this project was awarded by an international design competition. The project entry was selected because it met all of the functional requirements and at the same time it created a representative building for the airport.

The resisting structure of this tower plays an important role in defining functional elements and the overall form of the tower. Architectural form and structural form develop symbiosis, forming a coherent image for the tower.

The adaptation of different structural systems for the three parts of this tower made it possible to build in only 9 months. While the base building and foundations were cast in place, the shaft girders were pre-cast off site and later erected in less than a month. At the same time the steel structure for upper floors was prefabricated on site and later hoisted in to place by two large cranes. By this method the building was constructed without the need of scaffolding and with minimum security risks.

Client: Aena (Public Spanish Airport Company)
Project Year: 1996-1997
Construction Date: 1997-1998
Surface Area: 6,800 sqm
Construction Value: 8.90 M€
Height: 71 m.
Scope: CD/SD/DD/CS
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision