ATC Tower Barcelona Airport


ATC Tower at the Barcelona Airport

The singularity of this tower comes from its’ structural concept: A hyperboloid super structure made from pre-cast concrete girders which supports the upper floors and control room. The lower floors, from which the structure emerges, constitute a widespread base for the complex.

The super structure of the shaft has been separated from the functional elements allowing it to be developed as a pure form representative of the design.

While the hyperboloid structure supports the upper floors, the staircases, elevators and service wells of the shaft are formed by a self supporting aluminium structure was used as a guide for assembling of the concrete girders of the former, making it possible to erect the structure without scaffolding. As with the tower in Madrid, the steel structure of the upper floors was erected at ground level and later lifted into place.

Client: Aena (Public Spanish Airport Company)
Project Year: 2002
Construction Date: 2004
Surface Area: 7,800 sqm
Construction Value: 8.20 M€
Height: 62 m.
Scope: CD/SD/DD/CS
CD: Concept Design / SD: Schematic Design / DD: Detail Design / CS: Construction Supervision